/Share Mod

So, i just created a new pirate server via Tunngle, and i already installed the Rust++ folder and almost everything works well.

But when i built a house with a friend i couldn’t get to share the door with him. i do the /share chat command with him, i get the confirmation message, and so does he. And we’re both admins of the server.

Could you guy please give me a hint, im really looking forward to but the game, but first i want to get some experience with modding.


(User was permabanned for this post ("we're not a warez support forum" - postal))

Are you serious? You think this is how this works? :v:




[quote=“elixwhitetail, post:2, topic:160026”]

Are you serious? You think this is how this works? :v:

So i really have to create a legitimate server to get started modding?

Oh dear…

Well, thanks… i guess

the leaked server files on torrents are outdated, so RUST++ door sharing hooks will not work with it.

wow. is this for real?

I stopped reading at pirated server.

I have zero time for morons.

Ok guys, thanks for the help. Ill buy the game.

I just created a pirate server because where i live, rust is kinda expensive, even on steam, but thanks anyway :slight_smile: