Share your best RP stories!

We all had that one night playing DarkRP, probably years ago when it was still good, where we go into a huge cops and robbers battle, became a tyrant mayor, or had a massive gun shop in the center of town.

What’s your best story?

i asked trial mod if i could block all roads as major and make all crime outside walls legal but i had to remove it all when owner joined i think i have clip of it somewhere

I did something fun without /adverting it and I got banned

I remember a few years ago I owned a section on a dark rp server and we had a lot of members in it lol. It was around half of the players on the server at that time I think? Here is a screenshot I took. Image Here.

That one time I was playing cp on darkrp and me and my college decided to force the suspect to take his pants off or get shot and killed. he couldn’t take his pants off, so we bust a cap in his ass.

I remember time on Imperial RP where I got selected as Darth vader, so I went around making darth vader kind of noises, after that I still made the noises when making announcements like; “whore-pan you people whore-pan are about to whore-pan go to jabu whore-pan to kill rebels whore-pan” now I did say whore then pan but low and slow, a week after I got demoted because a staff member caught onto what I was saying lol (Pan is legit the owner lol)

my favorite experience is spawning props to crasht he server because the admins are jerk bulleis

Getting banned for spawning a prop on a sandbox server :incredible:

I remember playing darkrp once and not being banned within the first hour for staff disrespect - those were the days.

You mean there was a time you didn’t get instantly banned on DarkRP?

There was HL2RP server with some kind of height plugin. So I invited my friend to server, we were RPing as gnomes that rob people in dark alleys, but we got banned after hour. It wasn’t DarkRP but still RP I guess.

Holy fuck that sounds hilarious.
As for me, I remember me and my friend playing in a darkrp server. We bought a fuckton of printers and we tried getting them from one building to another. Well the screenshot will give you the results.[/t]

You can spawn wheels on DarkRP servers?

The server that i used to play on allowed a max of 6 wheels. Sadly the server died when the community wasnt interested anymore.

On the server that I used to play on a lot, they made a Swastika flag and a Jewish Flag and they built bases right next to each other and started raiding each other constantly

There was this one time when i was on a darkrp server and it wasn’t a pay2win gms copy and paste +100 jobs type server.

Rare shidt my nibba

I remember on ExorsusRP back in 2012 it was a lot of fun to rob the moving train when it would come through. The downtown map also had a good police department and a sewer system that had a tunnel into the PD. I remember breaking in there to break out my friend. Good times.

Me and a couple of buddies found a money duplication glitch that involved money pots and some sort of jail bailing entity a while back. We gave ourselves billions and payed off admins in darkrp money.

It was fucking incredible.

Ah, the humble joys of taking the piss in DarkRP. We pretty much did nothing else way back when I still played it.

Been years since I’ve seen a server that let you simply dick around though

Back in like 2008 or 2009 darklandrp first introduced jeeps into their custom rp server. I was able to use the crossbow to attach walls to my jeep, making it like a tank. let’s just say the cops had trouble killing me.