Shared bools w/o net library & removing things from DComboBox

Is there a way to have bools that can update on client/server any second? Because I’m trying to make a co op thing with only 4 slots hardcoded in, and using a menu to have you select your char. I wanted to make it so if somebody picks a char it instantly disappears from the DComboBox (also dunno how to do it), it seems like using networking every second would be a solution, but it would probably be costly, messy, and wouldn’t instantly update. I thought about having the bools be like (CharName)Taken and checking it when DComboBox is on or something.Help?

Arent booleans already automatically updated?

I mean for it to be updated on both server and client instantly. Basically what I mean is when a player selects something from a DComboBox, I want the option to disappear for all other players, using bools for each selection whether or not it is taken.


use networking

There’s something (sort of) like this.

It networks it to all clients, though, so it’s not exactly what you’re looking for, but it’s the only thing I know of. Only the server can change it so that it affects all clients, of course. When the client selects a character I guess you’d have to use the net library to tell the server anyways, so it’s kind of a moot point.