shared doors, how does it work

Shared doors, how does it work? After entering password, the password will be reset? Or maybe timer for entering a password? I hope you understand what I mean.

Or you could give a person permissions to your door with /share (name)
Unshare with /unshare (name)

I did not know about it. You mean the official servers or oxide?

Its both. Its added into the game as far as i know

I can shared doors without a password. I understand you correctly?

Yes you share all your doors with the person so he can open them too without needing to type in the password

Vanilla Rust does not have /share (name) and, unless garry changes his mind, it never will.

Stop confusing KOT9KA by talking about door share mods when he is asking about the new combo doors.

Here’s how the new doors work.

Is it only Rust++ then?

elixwhitetail, I learned this first of all. In his message, I want to ask (to talk) about security.

The password will not be changed until you change it. It says that in the blog post I linked and you say you’ve already read.

When someone else enters the password, they have access to that door until you change the password. This is also described in that blog post.

You can unlock a door so anyone can open it without needing to enter in a passcode. This is also described in that blog post.

If those things did not answer your questions about security, what are your questions?

For example, I set a password. I tell the password two players. The first player enters the password and thus gain access. The second player can enter a password?, or password will be reset?

The password will not change until you change it.

It will be the same password for both players. This is not a One-Time Password situation.

In this case, I would like function for reset the password.

Otherwise known as changing the password.

I shared door to my friend already. So, why I need the password now? Somebody will guarantee from password guessing or hack? For this reason, I would like function for reset (disable) the password. Is it paranoia?