Shared lua help please! (DARKRP)

So i was working on this for a long time and sometimes there are no jobs or there are only regular jobs. Can you help me fix it pl

TEAM_THEIF = AddExtraTeam(“Theif”, Color(204,255,255,255), “models/players/arctic.mdl”, [[You are a theif. Use your lockpick to break into peoples houses and steal stuff. ]], {"lockpick ", “keypad_cracker”}, “theif”, 3, 45, 0, false)

TEAM_HITMAN = AddExtraTeam(“Hitman”, Color(0,0,0,255), “models/players/gasmask.mdl”, [[You kill people for money.
]], {“ls_sniper”}, “hitman”, 2, 55, 0, true)

TEAM_BANKER = AddExtraTeam(“Banker”, Color(0,0,0,255), “models/players/hostage/hostage_01.mdl”, [[You keep peoples shipments , printers …etc for cash.You are not allowed to abuse this job.]], {“weaponchecker”} “banker”, 1, 50, 0, true)

TEAM_HMANAGER = AddExtraTeam(“Hotel Manager”, Color(102,51,0,255), “models/players/hostage/hostage_04.mdl”, [[You are a hotel manger own an aparment and keep your eyes open for theives]], {“weaponchecker”}, “hmanager”, 3, 37, 0, false)