Shared.lua not running clientside properly ( sh_ class system )

I’m having issues setting up global classes.

I have classes as individual files in a folder. (Gamemodes/gamemodename/gamemode/classes/001_PistolWhipper.lua)

And I am going about it all like so:

It works on the server fine -

But clientside it does not, I’ve done this sort of stuff before but I don’t remember how I went about it…

Strange; try AddCSLuaFile shared.lua before cl_init.lua; strange as it may sound shared should always be sent first.

I’d recommend adding some print statements so you know what is happening at specific loading points.

I gave the code to somebody else to test, and they have no errors at all. Some reason it’s only doing it for me, this server is 100% stock and sv_allowcslua is set to 0 so it can’t be my script(s)