Sharing Door Permissions


Currently, people (including myself) have to build elaborate buildings with strange combinations or doors/walls to allow multiple people inside one base. Maybe they could implement a door sharing system, or a combo lock (like in DayZ Epoch), something to make large bases easier.

pls do a search of this topic before making a new thread. there have been numerous threads on this before.

Max, one of the devs, mentioned they’re probably going to add keys for this.

Meaning if you buddy you gave a key to gets shot and looted, your entire base can be at risk.

That’s… actually kinda cool.

What if I have 10 metal doors? Will I have to carry around 10 individual keys?
Maybe a keyring would work.

Also, doesn’t this kindof mean that you’re instantly at risk the second you leave your house?
Since you can’t get back in without a key, you’re basically forced to carry one around, meaning you’re at risk of losing everything at all times.

Well obviously I don’t know but it seems that it would work the same as it does now, with the owners “tied” to the door. So you wouldn’t need a key for yourself, but you’d have the ability to grant a door key to a friend if you want to, giving them the ability to open your doors with your key. the risk reward here is that if they get caught running around with the key and lose it to another player you might be boned. However even if the keys are marked, this key opens “Fred’s” doors, the houses aren’t marked so unless you know which house is Fred’s it’s not going to do you much good, unless you want to spend days trying every door on the server…

And then of course, you could have your friend keep your key in his house at all times and vice versa. That way you can enter eachothers houses when you want, but without as much of a gamble.

You could always try not dying, especially not dying close to your base.

Then again, you’ll probably get locked out unless you hide a key somewhere.

I think doors should have combinations. Not necessarily keypads, just basically a number sequence you can assign to the door (perhaps either tap E to open door, or hold E for context menu - one of the options is “Change Key”). When you craft a key, again you specify a combination for it.
So keys can only open doors if they match the combination. That way, when a friend dies, he/she can tell you to go through and change all of the combinations so the key won’t work on the door.

Or perhaps instead, you physically craft a lock with metal fragments, and perhaps just like Research Kits maybe there’s Key Kits. Drag a Key Kit onto a lock to craft a key if you have enough metal fragments. The keys crafted from the lock could basically be bound to that specific lock. Then you drop the lock onto your door, and all the keys you craft from that lock will open that lock (and only that lock). If keys become compromised, you have to physically craft new locks and new keys for your base and find some way to dispose of the old ones (as long as you replace ALL locks, you could just drop all the old locks and keys out the window for some lucky passerby)

EDIT: You should also be able to open your own doors even without a key - this is mainly so that friends can have a way into your base.