Sharing doors?

Is anyone aware of a way to make multiple people be able to open the same door?

Make multiple doors.

It is impossible to share doors but it will be a great implementation because we can have maybe a friends list, and we can choose who to add to that certain door (only if we own it)

AFAIK there won’t a friendlist thingy. People are speaking that they might go for combination/passworded locks though.

A password protected door that anyone could access would be the better game mechanic. This would make you be even more careful on who you choose to trust, because then someone could just turn around, and tell someone the password, and help them raid.

Idea, building on xExigent’s idea…

What if you could craft a key, but when you do you are asked for a 4 digit pin. When you craft a door, you must enter a pin. Both of these objects keep that pin permanently. That way, you can make multiple keys for one door, or multiple doors that work with one key, etc.

That way, a physical object is required to access the door. It would be a bit realistic. Keypads seem a bit too advanced for a post-apocalyptic world.

I see when you die with your key and everybody can enter to your house. Or when you’ll lose your last key to outside doors and you can’t leave your home :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

More incentive not to die. Also, unless they know exactly where your house is, getting your key won’t be helpful for them.

Craft a new one with the same code and you get access easily.

Padlocks would be cool!

It is a cool idea that i bet garry will add in eventually, but it takes ALOT of time and effort to even make an Alpha version of a game. Be patient, and soon he will probably add it. :wink: