Shark alarm, 2 mapping questions

Sorry for the quality of the screenshot, I wasn’t going to work on the lighting until I got this working right.

I cant figure out how to:

1.) make the mouth close when i press a button. It is a func_rotating.

2). Make the walkway respawn after the shark destroys it. It is currently a func_breakable.

Haven’t worked with func_rotating in along time, but try to drag it’s axis to the jaws hinge and see if that works. And make it only got bout’ 45 degrees.

Yes, make the func rotating’s axis at the joint of the jaw, then make it rotate upwards however many degrees that is. Also, if you want the bridge to respawn you might want to try having outputs to turn off the bridge when the shark closes its jaws, and another output to spawn the bridge when the jaws are fully open.

To make the bridge break make it a func_breakable that only breaks on touch with the func_rotating.

To make the func_rotating… well, rotate, move the origin point thingy to where you want it to ‘hinge’, and then mess around with the direction that it opens.

You can use a point_template, with the name of the func_breakable to one of it’s Templates. Then you would make a logic_auto and make in it’s entities, OnMapSpawn > <name of point_template>, ForceSpawn. Then you would make it so when the func_breakable breaks it has the Output, OnBreak > <Name of Point Template>, ForceSpawn > With a delay of however long. That should work.