Shark girl

Hey guys Could someone make me a rag doll or a player model?

This is what i want.

No. Furry requests NEVER get done. I’d close this thread before a flamewar starts, if I were you.

(User was banned for this post ("Not helpful" - PLing))


I’ll be in my bunk.

thats not a shark

where are her nipples?

that is the most impractical bastardization of evolution I’ve ever seen.

you’d still hit it

With a sledgehammer, yes.

that’s an odd fetish you got there bro




no image knobface,
and the flamewar begins

He’s mocking you.

Photobucket doesent like your shark fetish-ism, oh and Facepunch will NEVER EVER help with anything related to Anime Model request or anything that remoetly looks like anime or the sort, these people dont have that kind of time or patience for that sort of thing, your better off asking Xeno for this request.

No i removed it, so that there will be no flame war and what not