Shark NPC

Hi, requesting a shark npc because I cant believe there hasnt been one made yet (as far as i know) and im sure lots of people would download it. ive searched a lot and have only found models. i think it would be great if the models available on,, were made into NPCs.

has been requested many times by lots of people but has never been created. I wish you good luck.

Oh and if you want find that hl2 shark thinge and change the model.

Would the icthysaur work for you? It’s sort of like a shark.(I believe I spelled it wrong.)

Probably wouldn’t work. I don’t believe the ichthyosaur has any AI in Half-Life 2.

the itchy thingy thing dosent have any AI in HL2 its just a scriped sequance thing, you need a custom SNPC for this

yea i have the icthy thing, i just figured since that was made it wouldn’t be hard to do it with another model, thanks for the replys though, it would be really cool if it were done.

Get the hl1 renaissance mod. it has an npc of an itchthyosaur which i have changed the model on before.

how do you change the model?

model manipulator tool, look it up on