Inflator and Photoshop. Remember guys. First try on this.


And we were talking about this earlier too, I would have suggested a better face though.

I guess. But I needed a high poly skin. Here Fakefactory is your friend.

I like the blue gradient in the back.

That’s very nice, but how do I fuck the sharkmaid?

I wouldn’t try to find out. She eats her lovers when done.


Posing seems a bit awkward, and it doesn’t really look like she’s in an actual sea.

Other than that it looks pretty good, have an arty.

Thanks. I should have added some underwater effects I guess.

And fish… maybe a few godrays.

Fancy stuff, y’know.

Damn it woman. Now I have to redo it:xd:
See if I can dig up some good fish models. Not many of them out there.

Damn it Rastifan! How am I gonna quit you? :3

I didn’t know I was addictive:biggrin:

Repent sinner! Let the lord be your stimulation!

Just because there’s whips and oil involved dosen’t mean it’s stimulating :geno:.

what the fuck is going on in this thread?