SharpeYe - First Person Motion

“It’s just about details.”

SharpeYe is now in Steam Workshop:

Hi !
I was watching several first-person Machinimas this week, and I was wondering if there could be some way to simulate Mirror’s Edge head motion or get close to something of this nature.

SharpeYe is basically an addon that computes factors (is in water, is off the ground, speed…) to create head motion while adding additional sounds to simulate the environment (diving into water, hitting a wall, landing, wind Portal-like).

Also, since August 2010, 5 months after release, it includes Focus mode which allows you to pan the aim around in the screen. With ANY weapon.
Gravity Gun, SMG, Shotgun, anyone’s SWEP and even the sandbox Physics Gun !

Twitch Weaponry is a set of SWEPs by Devenger that have a ‘Twitch Aim’ feature when right clicking. Focus mode is a direct adaptation of Twitch Weaponry into a clientside application.
Devenger is like the main author of Focus mode, while all I did was to adapt it so that his code can be run anywhere. (With his approval :D)

It's clientside !

That means, you can use SharpeYe on ANY server even if they don’t have it (as long as scriptenforcer is disabled) ! If hosted on a server, it will NOT be sent to the players and will have NO effect. Though, it has an integrated feature for sending a copy to clients if a variable is toggled on, but I’ve yet to be testing it.

Here’s some video footage of it !

Main demo (August 2010) :

Renewed focus demo :

Customization feature footage (April 2010) :

Old outdated footage (March 2010):
It includes the recently added (August 2010) SharpeYe::Focus mode, based on Devenger’s work, which allows you to aim anywhere at the srceen. Please check this thread for its description and specifications.

Some addons may break SharpeYe for having conflicts over the camera. The addon that you are likely to have that will break it is Spacebuild.

The current only way to fix this is to go to the sharpeye_menu in debug mode, and use the user interface to unplug some of these addon features.

Retroactively, SharpeYe is LIKELY to break gamemode cameras / addon cameras such as Ascension, Gamemaster, well anything that uses a special camera, if those servers don't have Scriptenforcer enabled.

To fix it, you can open sharpeye_menu and untick “Enable Motion” which will unplug the motion feature until you re-enable it.

[release]Download !

Name your folder “SharpeYe”.
You should use the SVN to keep a permanent copy of the addon when offline / when Google Code servers are down !

SVN (most updated) :

Stable release (use the SVN as much as possible to get Locale fixes and feature updates !) :
(This addon is an hybrid : It will download the newest version as a temporary copy everytime you join a server while connected to the Internet (= no matter if it’s Singleplayer or Multiplayer) ).

Commands !
sharpeye_menu : Open the SharpeYe menu in popup mode. Open it at times ! If there are new updates something will be written in the menu. There’s a LOT of options for you to configure to fit your likings.

+sharpeye_menu : Open the SharpeYe menu in binding mode. Bind this to a key, and then like the Q menu, it will stay enabled as long as you press the key.

+sharpeye_focus : Enter Focus mode.
sharpeye_focus_toggle : Enter Focus mode in Toggle.

Recently done features :

  • Redesigned menu with HayFrame.

Thanks for reading !

I really like it, adds a new level of realism to the game. Well done.


I have a bit of a problem with it though. It seems to cause my physgun to detached from my body and remain floating in the air. Also it seems to “bouncy”.



This is awesome, really realistic.

Whoops !
Sorry, thanks for reporting !

The bug was because I was storing the view table on an external table and the viewmodel values weren’t wiped off. I also retrieved vehicle support.
I’ve just fixed that on the SVN, I’m gonna remove the download for a while then.

I misread the title and thought it said “Sharpey”, and expected marker pens. Still, this looks cool too.

woh, really nice! i was already expecting some newer version or something from dynacam :stuck_out_tongue: tho id like to know where you got that crosshair :o

It’s from deapth HUD inline, you can enable it in the settings.




Looking good.

You should also make it, if you haven’t already (doesn’t appear like it), move the viewmodel angles a bit.
In the direction of your real aim would be best (I assume it’s what that ‘dot’ is in the centre).

Otherwise: *



What value should I change to make it so the bobbing never shakes like an earthquake?
Oh BTW, pretty awesome mod.

I loved how it bobbed in the first version. Guns were bobbing pretty fast but yeah, there was that “floating guns” bug, but could you possibly make some kind of slider thingy that allows you to adjust the bobbing scale?

-^ That

I made a menu, and I need to find out which variables I could set up to let the player customize a moderate set of things.
There was a change I made to change the bobbing scale, and I think it was about changing a value from 0.3 to 0.2 (which was about the temporal shifting) so you get how sensitive and extensive I need to care about the customization part. I’ll need to put up transition variables so that changing a value from 0 to 10 changes a variable from 0.1 to 0.3 (it’s actually easy, but it’s all about detail).

Thanks for all the feedback !

Ok. :slight_smile: Also, when i was playing HL2-Campaign with this mod and colormod and bloom on, i didn’t recognize that i was playing a Source-game. Seriously…

This is amazing, I love this.

Were’d you get the two handed pistol?

Wow, this is really awesome. Love that game by the way, Mirror’s Edge :smiley:

Curses I can’t play Gmod/download anything right now. From what I’ve seen this looking fucking awesome.

I found it on fpsbanana, just google it.