sharpPrinters v1.0

> Drag and drop the folder in the .zip file into your addons folder.

> Easy to install
> Easy to configure
> Suits the MaterialHUD, F4, and Scoreboard.
> A cool circle design inspired by Circle Printers.
> Speed and Storage upgrades

How do I add new printers?
> Go to addons/sharpPrinters/entities/
> Copy the sharp_printer_one folder.
> Paste it in the same directory.
> Change the sharp_printer_one to whatever you want.
> Go to addons/darkrpmodification/lua/darkrp_customthings/entities.lua
> Add your printer entity there.
> You’re all done!

How do I configure my printer?
> Open up the shared.lua file in your printer’s folder.
> Change the variables to what you’d like.
> Save it & restart your server.



If you find any bugs, please let me know about them and I will try my best to fix them!


I’ve seen things like this many times before, hl2 models just kill it. And you better think of something better than printers.

Thanks for the feedback! This is the first addon I’ve released, so hopefully the next release will be better! :smile:

Still better then custom models. I mean i don’t think you like waiting there, thinking on what shit is the server downloading.

Good job

Thank you :smile:

This is a great printer addon.

lol, do you play gmod only on sandbox servers with gm_flatgrass on?

It seems as you kept the code for the Circle Printers addon the same, and you changed the shared.lua config name and edited the things in there, but you kept the code for everything else just changing colors etc. Because the real Circle Printers code looks the same, not exactly but very similar.

No, it’s just a pain in the ass when every darkRP server you join has custom models for absolutely everything so it’s downloading useless shite you’ll never use again.

How do I make it so the printers will not randomly overheat and explode?

There should be a setting in the shared.lua file.

There’s a setting that makes it invincible from shooting. I can change the chance to overheat but if it’s low or high it will usually automatically explode.

Stop please
I’m sure everything this printer has, another 78 already have.

Just out of curiosity, and without wanting to detract from this addon, which I’m sure is great…

…but why another printer addon? More printers? Why is everyone making printers the whole time? Is it because it’s the easiest thing to do, or what? Any printer pack authors want to comment?

(inb4 someone makes a printer printer)

I do like the layout you have for all the text on this printer