Shattered, A Mind in Shambles..

this is my first serious comic. enjoy

More will come! Stay tuned!

Damn it was so bad ass and cool but then the end I laughed so hard. I can’t decide whether artistic or funny. So here’s a winner.

He never got those Pop Tarts…

"As he opened the box, he saw to his horror that there were no more scrumptious pop tarts left. What made it even worse was that it was strawberry flavored. The best kind. As he felt the world collapse around him, all he could do was utter ‘Dam, we’re outta pop tarts.’ At that moment, an angel came in through to door to take him away from this cruel dark world. A world without pop tarts. As he felt the bullet pierce his skull, he dazed out into infinity itself.

At last

He could have all of the pop tarts he could ever want.

Rest in peace pop tart guy. Rest in peace."