Shattered Horizon models resquest

Can someone make a Shattered Horizon models please? It might be useful for me and the others.

Here’s some pics in case if you don’t know what it is.

That’s the ISA(blue)

Also MMC(yellow) for those who prefer it.

Don’t forget the weapons too you know (blue & yellow).

Oh yeah and there’s a new weapons pack coming, so you better make those too (if you want).

Is it enough for you or should I tell you more about it?

Please reply if you are working on it, found it or finish it.

I am downloading this game from steam now, you provoked me to play it and maybe make something out of it, since I remember it has really nice shaders and models. I might take model of that big space station. Will see man.

I don’t know how are you gonna manage that but good luck.