Shaundi form Saints Row 2

If some one would be able to port Shaundi from Saints Row 2 with some good and flexy phys model (like the ones in the recent Resident Evil 5 ports) and face/eye/finger posing, I’d be more, MUCH MORE than greatful.

Here are some pics of whom I mean- if you don’t know already:

Hope someone will take this one on :smiley:

It’s pretty much impossible. There are no porting tools for the game and even if there was, it would be impossible to actually get her model due to the way SR2 does characters.

Don’t say that D:

It is though.

Unless someone completely remodeled her.

But good luck on that one.

Are you fucking serious?

He’s telling you it can’t be done, you can’t just ignore him and have it suddenly be doable.

Are you fucking serious? Does it seem slike I’m ignoring him? By “Don’t say that” I obviously didn’t ignore him, just hoped somone would say otherwise. It’s not like he’s the only person out there anyway, I’m pretty sure people have their way to get models from ‘impossible’ games.

I’d say that’s a pretty good “no”.

I’d still had hope someone would say it is possible.

Everything is possible,you just need the proper tools,knowledge and OFC,time.
They said that PS3 system cannot be hacked,but…someone did.

Actually, there´s a form to hack the PS3, with an USB or with the future chip, that it´s on progress, as they say.

Well depends on the directX the pc version uses you could possible get the model itself via 3dripper. Of course it would most likely be a bitch to rig.

But yeah if I recall correctly the game builds the characters from a base mesh so getting a model that looks exactly like the one you want would be nigh impossible without a direct rip.

If you have the game you can try running the ripper on it to see if you get a result.

Hmm, perhaps I coul do. I’m not into porting, ripping etc, but I guess I could give it a go. Still, I think someone more skilled than me would have better chances at it.

Are you retarded?

No matter what they do, even IF they port some sorta model, it wouldnt look ANYTHING like shaundi.

All, ALL of the fucking models in that fucking game are the same model with differant slider settings, and some sorta data savings to pre-load the model with those settings.

For fucks sake, are you daft? If one guy said it cant be done, what the fuck makes you think some other guy will come in saying “Oh no shaundi can be ported without problems, har hur!”.

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Well, besides slider settings, differant clothe models and hair models, but still with slider settings.

Why always when i see a thread you have to be always to say the more depressive and insulting words? Just let this model for:
1)Wait for someone port her
2)Not even ported

That´s all

Why you decided to add in the bolded parts is beyond me.
One can just wonder why you haven’t been given a warning about your continuous flaming.

Seriously Aaron, if you don’t have anything to say but insult people, then why comment at all? Just keep it to yourself. Not like I a give a shit about what you say anyway, just pointing something out…

I’m not expecting to see anyone saying that she can be potred easily, not every model out there is easy to port. The point of the thread was to see if anyone could do it and IF it could be done, not your personal opinion on it. And not ALL the models in the game are the same, they have different sizes as well as some different skin textures, eg. tattoos etc. And depending on what “one guy said” will get you nowhere.

Actualy, all the models ARE the same.

You see, some have differant heights from the sliders, and the others have differant textures, but they’re all basicly the same base model.

Fine, whatever, but was there really a need for the insults?

He`s got a point,Aaron.
Your reply is just pure flame and nonsense.
This is a serious discussion topic,not a pissing contest.

From when i enter here in FP, it´s the only guy that i see that always make flame posts, he don´t do that flame posts when it´s something what he like

Wait, this games isn´t on computer?