Sheet metal walls

I was wondering what the point of sheet metal walls were. What benefit do they provide over stone (outside of decay rates)?

From what I can tell it takes 2 c4 to get through stone but only 1 for a sheet metal wall, so why would you upgrade to sheet metal over stone?

Used to be so people couldn’t pickaxe raid your base

I’m assuming since they’ve decreased the damage that does it’s kind of pointless to upgrade in the long run?

In the early stages of the game, once upon a time, when c4 took longer to obtain, you could have a sheet metal base that was both bulletproof and impervious to tool raiding.

Once players reached the c4 level, it was best to upgrade to stone or armor at that point.

Except that you can’t upgrade from sheet metal to stone.

Woops… upgrade to armor. Not enough sleep, sorry.

I don’t use sheet metal ever. I think it’s ugly.

Shit metal is currently useless. Everyone has C4 and nobody bothers tool raiding any more. I like how shit metal looks but using it isn’t practical.

Would be nice if upgrading to sheetmetal would not make the stone magically disappear, instead upgrading could put a layer of sheetmetal on the stonewall.

Throw one c4 to destroy the sheetmetal and pickaxe threw the stone under it.

I was thinking the same thing, should be a reinforcement instead of a replacement