ShellShock 2: Blood Trails - Gasmask Model

I’m requesing the gasmask model from ShellShock 2.

The reason to why I can’t get it myself is because I can’t rip models from that game in Windows 7.
Someone with Windows XP got to do it for me. I can get all of the textures, but the game grashes when I try to rip the models.

Here’s all of the textures I managed to get for the gasmask. All I really need is the model of it.





I’d be happy if someone could just send me a newly ripped frame for me. I can clean it up and get the model out myself.
It’s really easy to get the model. Cause it’s on many soldiers in the first cutscene and the first mission in the game.

I still haven’t had any luck doing this myself, so I’m bumping this incase someone here can help.

Bumping again instead of creating a new thread. It’s been a few months.
I still need help with this.

He he, I asked for the same a long time ago.

Also, I have Vista, ditto if it works, but I hope.

No, Vista won’t work with the game either. I first tried doing this when I had Vista.