Shelter always decays before i get home from school

im at school for maybe 12 hours from last time i get on. and everytime my basic shelter is gone.

i don’t think its a decay problem,i think you got raided.Happened to me before.

My door and sleeping bag were all still there. But maybe so. ill report back if it happens again.

some people just destroy your shack and steal your stuff,they could careless about your sleeping bag and door.

shelters do decay in less or close to 12 hours, think its the fastest item to decay

Darn, I guess i need to rush my new base im building

In my experience shacks rarely last for more than like 8-12 hours. They are merely a temporary shelter. It is its sole purpose.

I learned that now. Over the time i made this thread i made a three story house :smiley: