Shelters not breaking?

Is anyone else having this problem? Wood Shelters are not breaking down? I went through 4 pick axes and then tried using the mod hatchet. Nothing. Anyone know whats going on?

Are you running the group mod?
If so, try to disable it.

Did it have a door on it?

No door. And only using Magma. (Rust++)

Maybe its magma?

you sure there wasnt someone inside repairing it?

You can’t repair what is being damaged…

Uh…that is incorrect. Yes, you can be on the other side and repair while taking damage

Uhh…you’re incorrect.

Then you have never been on the other side of being raided and able to.
I was just on a friends server last week while he was being raided. This is precisely what we did. Well, as much as we could

Well it was more, that this shelter was placed. I was helping someone destroy it, and it would not break. Even after I used 6 c4 on it. Same thing happened with a few boxes and wood doors as well.