Shelves Need A Hotfix....This Is So Broken

Our group raided someone tonight by doing this…

This patch fixed roofs because they were broken but somehow this got through lol

~30 x 250 wood + 125 mf = 7.5k wood + 3.75k mf …
not the cheapest way, but a good alternative to c4 :slight_smile:

You got to give it to them, it’s amazing.

beautiful too!!!

stop telling everyone how I raid bases dammit.

Depends where you play, I can wreck people at my server with this shit.

It’s how we raid too, but I don’t want a bunch of people quitting the server over it lol

raid from the roofs don’t work with my build style LOL

That’s actually really impressive

Just giving this a little bump to make sure it gets seen