Shenmue models

I’m a little surprised that nobody has requested this Dreamcast game to have it’s models ported and rigged for Gmod. (Unless I missed a topic here considering that joined FP not too long ago…)

Is it maybe possible to have a Ryo Hazuki ragdoll made or not? (If it’s not possible, could he have his “Sonic and SEGA all-stars racing” model ported since it would probably make it better?)

Sorry, but I’ve tried requesting.
And also, may I throw in a request for a Wuying Ren ragdoll?

At the very least, surely somebody could rip Ryo’s model from Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, right?

It’s possible but…it depends what version of the game is from. The Wii version would probably be crap but it’d be a little easier to port rather than say…the Xbox 360 version which would look nice but then it would take a long time to do.

Shenmue 2 was on Xbox and Dreamcast if that helps. (I mean Dreamcast was better but)

Also what about the toys?

The toys where you get other SEGA characters like Sonic, Knuckles, Akira and Jackie? It’d be nice and probably fast to do although I fear it’ll be pretty small. (Then again, anybody could port ‘Sonic the Fighters’ and ‘Virtua Fighter’ models into Gmod which…I’m not sure if it’d be easy or hard to import models from the Sega Saturn.)

And to me, Shenmue 2 is an OK game…but it’s not as “Revolutionary” as the original was. But if anyone was in the mood to do some work with the game to make it into Gmod, that’ll be fantastic!

Now that I’m thinking about it…I think the vending machines from where you get your sodas should be a reskin or a model itself. It’d be nice to let that Nostalgia bomb drop right on you.

“Ahh…good!” ~Ryo when he drinks his soda