Shepard (creative interpretation) scanning a corpse with his omni tool.

I want a shepard model :saddowns:


I’m still a bad writer :eng101:
And Originals for comparison. (Please take the time to spot the numberous thing I fixed in potatoshop)

I’m kinda proud of the eyepiece/omnitool/background holographic screen I made from scratch. Especially because I didn’t do that kind of stuff before. I wish there would be more ported Me2 models too.

Now C&C and stuff would bev ery appreciated since this took a pretty long time.

There is an omni tool out, ported by Dtmech. You can find it in his awesome pack here

And yes, the visor is really nice.


I thought it was a model and I went all “I want that!”

I like how you created your own Shepard. Also, your story writing seems accurate to the characters.

Shepard, not Sheperd.

It’s like Gordan Freeman all over again. :sigh:

Just 2 people commenting?
That makes me sad because I feel like I wasted the entire time doing it.

It’s pretty nice. Been trying to make such familiar poses myself… But eh, won’t beat this.

Whoops. A human error and I ask you to forgive me.

I’m a grammar nazi, I should apologize, sorry. :3:

Loving the screenshot.

Thank you :buddy:
And thanks to everyone that commented, you all deserve a medal.

Looks good.