Shepard?... discovery of a struggle

100% in-game, all of it

This apartment map is so over-used.

The guy looks like a hunchback though, and I personally think the window is a bit too bright.

just wanted to test something

I could swear I saw that picture before

No, it’s just that map. Everywhere.

What map? I could easily go and make a parody of how overused it is.

I could give a crap if the map is over used, if its good it deserves praise.

There’s two “modern” soldiers in the room, an Asari closer to the camera and it’s titled “Shepard?”… Am I missing something?

its my imagination of humans being limited to modern technology, probably should have explained it first

I’m not really following, so yes, you should have.

Oh look, it’s THIS picture again.

Whats with the obsession of Mass Effect characters?

The screenshot was fine until you threw the alien pair of tits into it.