"Shepherd, You arrested as war criminal." [Foley Squad found General Shepherd.]


Overview: http://img822.imageshack.us/img822/4633/freespace06v210018.jpg



I expected something generic, but I got awesome. Nice.

What he said.


Even if your English is poor, there’s no doubt about your posing skills.

Yeah. This is pretty awesome. The only thing I don’t like is the way you desaturate everything

RAMIREZ. Go arrest Shepherd!

Some sexy stuff right there. The source dynamic shadows are noisy, though. Could’ve fixed it. Also, no need to desaturate that much. You can add some color correction, too.

You’re one of few that are getting better here.


This is fucking amazing, your best yet in my opinion.

amazing lighting amazing mood/atmosphere

it’s better than a scene from a movie

It was about time for you to release an awesome pic.

If only it was this epic in mw2…

As usual, looks awesome. Nice work ddok!

PS: Foley and Dunn look especially awesome.

This is amazing. it should be in a art gallery :p…
Where did you get that Apache

Ramirez, Arrest General Shepherd!

Damn… Why must Koreans be so damn good at Gmod. D:

Freaking amazing picture, art delivered.

Everything’s fantastic, but the shadow on Foley’s face is a little eh.

The posing of the crouching dude is so dynamic it’s amazing.


If only the left arm was a little more horizontal :stuck_out_tongue:

loving the m4 on the guy farthest to the left

Holy fuck Dunn… Big enough gun for you?

Haha, I like it