Sherlock Holmes Nick Reskin

Seems rather simple. Nick and Holmes both have rather similar outfits (scruffy open jacket, undershirt, pants, etc) So it doesn’t seem too outlandish to be able to reskin it to look like the outfit Holmes had on in the movie:

Of course you might need to omit the ascot, but otherwise skinning on an undervest and giving everything the proper designs and colors seems like a fairly simple job.

I would attempt it myself, but I have very little time and I’m not the best at skinning.

The suit from L4D2 looks nothing like one from the nineteenth century.

I propose that someone makes my Andrew Jackson model, then reskins/headhacks it to look like Holmes. Believe me that when I say Sherlock is a smooth motherfucker.

indeed, anyhow Sherlock would be cool to see.

Nice job plugging your own request into somebody else’s thread.


Oh and happy 5,000th post for your smug rebuttal!

Suit technology hasn’t exactly made many advancements since the 1800’s. Nick’s suit has a general layout that, when reskinned properly, would make a perfectly acceptable niteenth century jacket.

Look at this picture of nick:

And look at the pictures of Sherlock. The differences are negligible at most.

Also, knowing the way most modelers are on this site, they would much rather do a simple reskin that make a model from scratch.

I agree about the general unwillingness to make a new model from scratch.

Although I do think that he needs longer coattails.

It’s a start I guess. I could model the ascot when it’s more near completion. This was just more of a test to see if I could do this. Pants are probably going to change and probably will add a pattern on the vest + some other stuff on the jacket.

He aint got no head rite thar.

yeah just sort of hiding that for now :v:

Well that was fast.

He should have a black head IMO.

Whoa, seriously kickass ssa gib A! It’s looking excellent so far. Glad that you decided to help!

Damn! nice work!

Aren’t the coat tails supposed to be a bit longer? Or is that a bit too old for our purposes?

They are supposed to be longer, as you can see from the first pic.

Eh, i don’t see the diffrence rather then it being a bit longer. Its a cool model.

Well, its not like its a ruining factor of the model. The tails on the model are long enough to make them look old, which I assume is the intended purpose, just not quite as long as Robert Downey Jr.'s.

His coat’s longer but I don’t think it’s noticeable.

Spy’s derby hat :ssh:


also fixed that little error with part of his pants texture being on the bottom of his jacket already

Looking even better! Really awesome work so far!

This might be a little much, I fully understand if you wouldn’t want to do it, but would it be possible to edit Nick’s hair to be more unkempt? I figure you could do it by adding more of the little hair “panels” that valve put around his hair to give it more realism. If you duplicated some of them and put them around his head to make his hair look messier like Downey’s it would make the model made of even more awesome.