Sherlock Holmes

Could have been done way better imo.

Which one is Holmes?

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Oh wait i figure it out

He’s the one with wierd smile. :v:

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What are you looking at?
Watson. Is there something on my face?**

I see, we have to use deductive reasoning to figure out which one is Holmes.

Well lets see here…
The one on the left clearly has more wrinkles suggesting age or perhaps stress. Stress most likley induced by the experiences of war of perhaps the stress of school. Medical school perhaps?
Therefore, the one one on the left would most logically have to be Dr.Watson and the one of the right would be Mr.Holmes due to the process of elimination.

However, the man on the right has a tie and is adjusting it showing he is self conscious about his appearance to others. A trait usually not reserved for a reclusive shut in like Mr.Holmes.

Therefore, I come to the conclusion that neither is Mr.Holmes and that they are both Dr.Watson and that Mr.Holmes is in fact, a turtle.

Holmes on the left side

I think it would be obvious which one is Holmes. The man on the left is in front of the right one, and the title says SHERLOCK HOLMES. So… yeah.

no shit sherlock

It’s fake Sherlock. Just to trick their enemy. Real Holmes somewhere nearby, and I think I know where.

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Here we go.

What map is that?

Google Map

Couldn’t find any such map for gmod.