"She's Going Berserk!" - Shepard's team get Charged by a Berserker




Herp. It’s a she.

Holy, Jesus.

Really well done.

Indeed, and a very attractive she.


Riddick baby.

What new-fangled colouring-doohickies do you use to make the image like that?

Erm, what, everything you see in that image? That would take a while to explain. But nothing particularly new.

Just coloring, contrast, and/or brightness/sharpening.

Among other things, yeah, I used those techniques as well.

I want to have sex with “her”… Wait?

Awesome Ubie man… Any link to the berserker model?

Very well done!

Garrus does NOT talk like that.

Searching on garrysmod.org is your friend.

I did search before I asked. I couldn’t find it. I know better that to bother people with silly link questions if I can find them my self.

the splashes and the cum blots cumming out of the muzzles look the same…
but great lighting and posing as always


‘Cum blots’ >:(
I haven’t edited water splashes at all before, so I’ll have to do more practicing I guess.

Thanks for comments guys and gals.

Very impresive indeed, although it’s not so shiny for an xbox360 game(oh wait it came out for pc as well). Your first person and generally every screenshot of yours is very tempting for other people who are willing to start gmod and start posing again(or at least i do).

Thanks gta. I like to think my stuff inspires others to do gmod, and to achieve greater things. Kinda like vman’s uber editing. :slight_smile:

Why am I all of a sudden reminded of


I want to see what a krogan, especially Grunt, could do with the Lancer.

Show the original.

And for me it’s the opposite. These are so amazing that they de-moralize me.

Oh man, I’m gonna have to do a picture of that.
Original is in the OP.