Sheva Alomar Tribal/Business

Here is Sheva from Resident Evil 5 in 2 outfits. Alot went wrong during this port, so don’t be suprised if you run into some bugs/flaws/fucked up things.

I’m porting more models while still stuff to do on the models I ported. Maybe I should fix the others before I do anymore ports lol.


Latest Downloads - Now has bodygroup gear on business outfit + skingroup with texture by Jonox (Thanks for that!). Also includes Tribal Sheva Bow+Arrow+Quiver. Bow has bodygroup for string being pulled back.

Nice port!

Nice port, but can you upload the original bumpmap files anyway? Putting the suit through the normal map filter isn’t a good idea, and the originals were probably baked from a model, so they’re bound to have better details.

Sure, but they didnt work properly in HLMV.

you can’t stop being awesome can you?

They’re slightly different from the ones source uses, but it’s pretty easy to make them work with source. I’m not entirely sure right now but I think you need to swap either of the channels around.

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Yeah, you need to take the stuff from the alpha channel and put it in the red channel. That makes them usable in source.

Orly? I’ll have a go and see what I can do. I put the originals in a link at the top anyways.

-Well yeah, that works great! Thanks for that info simkas.

Here ya go, I went through and fixed them so they can be used now:


Awesome release.


I am rather liking these models. :v:

Now what about giving the ported RE5 wesker and chris some faceposing, eye posing, finger posing, and new phys.? :v:

Nice work on these, they look awesome.

Ditto this. Wesker would be awesome to have!

Holy crap! You must have an awesome porting machine :smiley:

Now howa bout a better Chris model?

Of course, now my computer decides to fuck up…

What’s wrong with mine? :frowning:

It isnt RE5-y enough.

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Feed him more steroids.