Shhh Script

littl sumthing for u all

I smell evil-doing.

Seems legit.

Nothing works all the menus give errors when you hit the key its hooked to, does it use a slq data base or what ever?


fuckin pointless

already done before

by me

So you stole a modified stolen mod from TnB?

Congratulations your an idiot


Stolen! Son of a…


I don’t believe I have to point out the irony over here? Also yes, this gamemode is obviously stolen from TnBs FTP because it isn’t like TacoScript hasn’t been released a dozen times.

Is that post giving you an orgasm?


Fixed it for you.

Shhhrp Is shitty anyway. Admins DM and don’t get banned, it’s reich with a mask.

Yay? Wait.


Yet another broken leak where the download link is gone, lock the thread or let it die >_>.

TnB people are scrooges. They wont put their gamemode to the people. Greedy scrooges. Now, let this thread to be gone.