Shhh, Silence and look.

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My First Pic edit. :B!

Not a fan of the smoke,
but lovely other than that.

The smoke doesn’t really look very good, and you could have chosen a better camera angle.

Besides that, its nice.

Are you guys friends? Because I think this picture needs major improvements and in no way is “nice”. The DOF is badly done, the editing is bad, camera angle is bad, size of picture is small ( can’t be avoided if you hae small monitor) and obviously the graphics aren’t turned up. I would suggest seeing the stickied post and view all those tutorials. I would also avoid uploading to imageshack or photobucket and also turn up your graphics to as high as they go. Sorry for being an ass but alteast I gave you some advice :slight_smile:

No. I don’t know him. I said it was nice because its his first post and screenshot, so I cut him a little slack.

ttam is only my first post, has errors but nothing that does not improve with time, is the first image I edit, I can not find tutorials, they are all in English, First of all, I’m from Venezuela and i speak Spanish. ;)!

I think you guys think about things to hard.

I’m all for simple fun pictures, but this is just bad and uninteresting.

The composition, lighting and editing is bland. There’s no particular appeal that makes it stand out in any way, the posing itself looks unrealistic, and the model isn’t really all that good for posing. Make a more interesting motive, get some new models and work on your lighting and post processing and you should do alright! Good luck.