sHiBaN's Shibboro Cigarette Models

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Shibboro Cigarette Models

[tab]Version:[/tab] Updated 1.1

[tab]Description:[/tab] Various cigarette models and cigarette packs.

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Garry’s Mod 10



Various cigarette models and cigarette packs made by sHiBaN.


Really good textures.

Coolio’s, i love it

Does this work with Gmod 9?

Not to be mean, but you need to learn that more than half of facepunch is based on 10 now. :argh:

They might I’m sure.

Don’t care as long models work with 9.

All models that work with 10, work with 9 & vice versa.

Are these physic props or effects? If they’re physic props, they’re gonna be really hard to pose, because trying to grab such a tiny model is fucking annoying.

To all 160+ people who couldn’t wait and downloaded the old file anyway, please re-download. I have updated about everything in the pack. Someone pointed out a major bug and I fixed it. Please tell me if anything else is fucked up.

Simkas, to answer your question; it’s not that hard. But it can get tricky. That’s why I made two effect models for the two cigarettes. The rest are dynamic props. I just posed them and they aren’t that difficult to pose.

We live in a world of pussy, nobody smoke these days !

That’s becuase they don’t want to die of lung cancer…

That is pretty Epic.


Actually, there are some Gmod10 exclusive models.

Examples are Team Fortress 2 characters (Not even fixVTF can fix the necks and wireframe eyes.), the Render Target Monitors, and i think i had the same problems with Jaanus’ Santa models.

You got a light?

Nice work on this, I’m sure it will be very useful in comics.

These are pretty useful for comics and all.

Also you’re smoking now? :uhoh:

Better to stop it now mister! :argh:

Extremely useful, now we need a good lighter.

Great model! I’m tired of using the Spy’s cigarettes.

No they don’t, EP2 uses different model and texture formats. Other then that, true.

Oh my fucking god, now I can stop using the shitty one from TF2, shiban I love your models, now I just need to get my steam to work offline.