"Shibboro Cigarettes. . . There to kill for"

New photo I posed, and tried to edit



Some C&C would be great
Its my first try with Smoke, & Layering, hope I did good

:siren:New Update :siren:
[media] http://filesmelt.com/dl/cs_office000822.jpg

If you keep that up, they might just kill you

Nice one. Zing x 1

The smoke is too bright. For a second there it looked like someone jizzed on his face.

Is that all that is wrong with it?, if so I can fix the smoke easily, but if not, I will try to improve


Smoke looks like jizz lol

“They are a moron”?

So bunch of people disagree that “they’re a moron” is in fact wrong and it should be “they’re morons”? Could you this time please fucking elaborate instead of hitting disagree and dumb so I could grasp this weird concept of yours?

Smoking causes cancer that may kill you

Ever seen smoke from a cigarette before? That smoke looks like jizz.

No, the will to get cancer causes me to smoke. Shut up you don’t know shit about smoking boy! :v:

Posing isnt that bad, and he just has a psychoface, not jizz face.
I guess this is getting dumbed to death cuz it contains a spelling mistake.

But yee, the smoke is a bit too bright but the rest is ok.

Well I just finished editing it, changed the smoke, words, ember, and Eye color, This any better?


It still looks bad

Did you minimize a picture of a pizza and put it on the cigarette?

also smoke doesn’t have enough transparency.

Also it needs to be darker.

Nah, its a cigarette bud, it got blurred with the smoke

Yes, they are a moron. I refer to a single person with “they” all the time; as far as I know, it is correct.

I don’t see how “they’re a moron” is grammatically correct just because you use “they” for “he/her”.

In that edit, now it looks like someone jizzed across his face from the opposite direction. The smoke needs to be more transparent.