Shibuya 109 - Tokyo RP Map

Well I was intrested to see if there was any decent or any japan based maps for RP and well there isn’t so screw any sort of reason and sense and try and make a 1:1 scale of Shibuya 109 well the section of the city around it that is =D

So far all I’ve got done is get the template map from google earth and shove it in SDK for planning =D
Gordon is so tinyyy!

And mostly I’m insane and this sort of challenge will be good experience for me so if anyone can help on gather signs and shop images of around the shibuya area aka would be most appreciated. Not all shops will be correct and I’ll try and make most areas accessible.

Where’s gordon XD He’s very tiny (left part of pic) u can gather the scale of this map from the small gordon, eck…

Good luck. And what kind of emote is X<, seriously?

Is like a anime face, like X3 but the opposite.
And thanks its something I really wanted to attempt as well a map so big that it nearly hits the Source Engines size limit XD

Got to love GoogleEarth for its maps XD

genius and insane GO FOR IT!!!

You’re probably going to give up, but if you don’t then this could be awesome.

Don’t be so sure, I force myself to do a lot of stuff like colour a 150 page animation which took 10+ hours so this shouldn’t be to hard that I’ve done sdk before.

Good luck !

A 1:1 scale, jeez… Putting all the lighting in, and the amount of detailing would be extreme.

Grid limit won’t be that much of an issue really. I fear that the brush limit, and amount of luxels will kill your map worse then a atomic bomb.

that is when Propper comes into play :eng101:

Give it a go, its worth trying!

Make a japanese Alyx mod:
“Toshu nanoshu sushi Combine? Sashimi Zombine? Huh? Zombine? Oh sushi sumô…”

I’m not that good, sorry I only know mapping XD, and yeh the brushes are going to be a pain… I will test the map and send out beta tests near completion.

And if anybody has an material skills could you create me some of the japanese signs from some photos? It would be appreciated.

Addition to that I’m going to include a special treat for everyone, everyone who know’s Shibuya know’s that there’s a huge ass screen in a building well I’m going to include that, a special room for uploading youtube videos can be included too, in the same building.

Update: Okay after well only a few hours of work I’ve done a lot of the path system, and damn I’m somewhat annoyed with the way the Japanese made their paths now XD

And is going to add the roads as soon as I’ve finished all paths so I can add the material to the roads anyway here’s another screenshot.

Also for a laugh I’ve made a custom poster, the translation is 'Konnichiwa, Zombine-san. Would you like brain Sushi?"

Good luck man, hope your computer doesn’t die, let alone you…

This is never going to be finished. Atleast not in good quality.

This is never going to be finished because the OP is an anifag.

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What’s with all the negative people on this forum seriously, I won’t give up and I will make it good quality.

Make a thread when you actually make something.

Surprise us.


Just noticed this, your reference picture is stretched pretty badly.