Shield Swep

Hello, I am looking for a Riot shield swep for police. When I go on all I can find is the materials and models which is a good start but I have no idea how to code the actual SWEPs. If I could get some help with this. I’d be very greatful. I have a darkrp server and I need a couple lua scripters so if you are interested please post here.

2 other things I am looking for is a SWEP that makes people invisible. Right now I’m looking at a “Spy Knife” on b and a way to make css realistic weapons not realistic( for people with low power computers that lag because of them) or just a place where I could get all of those weapons without the effects.


By the way, I found the SWEP I want to make people invisible but I still am not certain of how to make it force DL server side. I know where the lua file goes (lua/autorun) and I am trying to write a lua file that will do it but my knowlege is so low I am just scrapping of of other addons like CSS realistic lua files to figure out how to do it. If I understand right, all that needs to be done is to force the client to DL the shared.lua cl_init.lua and init.lua because he should already have the model (since this is a CSS weapon and darkrp requires CSS to see people and guns anyway).

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