Can someone make a weapon out of this.
So you can equip it? And use it as shield of course.
Would be awesome for Roleplay and many different things.

Something like the one out of cs 1.6

I made a crappy SWep once that did something like this, let me look it up.


It appears the DL is gone, the topic was here :

Can you possible readd the download? So the shieldmodel can replace the doormodel? Or something.?


Can someone make this? Would be nice. Especially for the combines :wink:

I second the motion for kevkev to re-upload or re-make :D.

You will get a ton of downloads I bet.

I dont have the old version anymore, maybe i’ll remake it when i have the time.

Well this is just a Req… Nothing special. I was hoping somebody knows how to make this.

I still wonder why no one can REMAKE the shield from CS 1.6 that has a shield :confused:

Apparently nobody understands how it worked in CS 1.6, but the real reason is because Source games aren’t coded in Lua.

I made a “SWEP” that spawns that prop and moves it with you… but it is REALLY crappy
It glitches out serversided
If your ping is high, you don’t see it moving properly
It isn’t parented whatsoever
It uses “setpos” instead of applyforce, means it just goes through walls
It can push max weight props
It’s a swep (bad.)
It moves with your eyeangles (Well I could fix that, but that would suck.)
etc etc
I don’t think it would be so simple to make an awesome shield…

You can try to parent the shield to the hand bone.

Well It would be great if someone good actually script this.