Shift-P in admin mode - change in behavior?

Is shift-P (freelook) behaving differently for everyone since the update? With mine I can look around, but I can’t snap to players anymore.

No, the only difference is that the voice chat icon disappear

spacebar not teleporting to players

Yeah, exactly the same thing here. I also noticed that free movement in shift-P mode is MUCH faster, about the same as fly mode. Previously it was noticeably slower.

Yeah a lot changed. The skipping to players thing is gone. Space slows you down now, and you can add smoothing with camlerp 0.01 in the console

:frowning: Can I ask why? This was REALLY handy when doing admin stuff. I might be building a large structure in a remote area and would periodically use Shift-P to scan for nearby players who might want to shoot me and steal my 500k HQM / break down the twig walls I haven’t upgraded yet / ruin the element of surprise / etc.

It was also useful for keeping an eye on player behavior without having to quit to spectate mode.

I’ll add better stuff in for admining - but for now this made more sense.

Other problem in shift-P is the chat that disappear.

One of my fresh admins accidentally Shift+L’d yesterday while typing a message to someone and ended up under the map, in the water, drowning. He lost everything he had on him. It was quite funny. The impressive thing was that even though it was an admin screw up on his behalf he didn’t spawn anything back to himself, he wrote it off as an engagement with another player or animal that he lost and carried on, that’s true Rust spirit.

Tip: Just write in lowercase, as ugly as it is.

Garry/FP/God: Can you adjust the activation to be something else, perhaps Shift+Ctrl+P or, whatever, not just Shift for the modifier? Not super critical, but a small tweak that would help.

Or disable it entirely when the chat bar is active.

lol press F1 twice while in fly mode

That’s a way better solution. So much simpler, and it would solve that problem nicely without changing the shortcut resulting in a flood of queries on the forums and reddit about the change. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: