Shift Roleplay: Upcoming City Roleplay Gamemode

Shift Roleplays Servers Will Be Ran By


ShiftRP Is a city based roleplay gamemode that brings all the best features of gamemodes together into one.
It not only allows for interaction with players that are not currently on the server, but it also allows players and admins to interact with others on or off the server via their mobile phone or other web broswer by logging into the site.
Players have the abilty to roam the streets without getting gunned down but at the same time the group/gang system allows rival gangs to battle one another easily. The unique group system allows for group ranks to be created along with relationship listings with other groups, a shop and treasury which can be accessed by your gang only.
Players have many options when it comes to jobs, as all jobs allow the player to rank up and unlock more features for that job, as they level up, they have the ability to adjust their loadout to suit their needs and change their job title.
So a basic medic will level up allowing them to use more advanced equipment and clothes ranging from basic robes to body armor in the heated situation. Players have the freedom to do as they please or follow the law set down by the government forces.
At the same time you are roleplaying, you are also competing for ranks and levels, as you play the game you gain xp and level up, once you reach level 50 you have 2 options, stay at level 50 or prestige, reseting all your items, money and level but granting you a certain amount of prestige points, these points can be used in the prestige shop to help your character out, ranging from large caliber m60 machine guns to keys to a new lamborghini sports car. The limits are endless as you develop your characters skills.

[h2]To-Do List[/h2]

    Weapons Have Uniqueness
    Armor Has Uniqueness
    Armor Is Crafted As A Set (Model)
    Players In Your Group Glow
    Buddies System Include In Buddies:
    Car Salesman Needs To Be Created
    Timed Bans From Certain Features:
        Simple Ban
        Voice Chat
    Inventory Sending System Send Single Items Using A Single Umsg Per Item
    Creating Unique Abilities For Items
    Group Management Function Library
        Add Player
        Add Rank
        Remove Player
        Remove Rank
        Player Set Rank
        Rank Settings
        Create Group
        Create Group Bank
        Allow Bank Access
        Group Logging
    Groups Can Spawn Expensive Equipment For More Than One Players Use
    Voice Radius For Microphone Chat
    /group For Group Chat
        Double Voice Radius
        20% Extra Armor
        25% Faster Reload
        Ability To Carry Two Primary Weapons
        Search Others Inventory And Loot Corpses
        Ability To Cause 25% More Explosive Radius Damage
        Turrets And Sensory Mines Are Unresponsive To Your Movement
        15% Faster Run Speed
        View Player Names From 100% More Of A Distance
        Printers Print 25% More Cash and 25% More Experience
    Create The Prestige Menu
    Create Turrets
        Do Not Attack Buddies
        Do Not Attack Group
    Add Custom Spawn Points
    Vehicle System
        Garage Stores Vehicles
        One Vehicle At A Time
        Vehicles Require Fuel
        Vehicles Can Be Destroyed
        Vehicles May Include:
            Personel Carriers
            Air Vehicles
            Boats (Map Dependent)
            Normal Cars
            Sports Cars
            Government Vehicles:
                Police Car
                Armoured Police Van
                Bullet Proof Mayoral Car
    Radio's Stream From Radio Stations
    Create Nw Job System
        Ranking Up In Jobs
        Ranks Achieve More Advantages
            Equipment Access
            Mayoral Elections
        Ranking Up Requires Set Playtime
        Mayor Requires:
            3 Day Playtime
            Level 4 Paramedic Minimum
            Level 7 Police Officer
    Create Hats System
    Variety Of Explosives With Correct Logging [Fix]
    Prestige Points Automatic Sending When Purchased
    Prestige Purchase Menu
    Administrative Logs Fully Saving To SQL
    Government Control System
    Global Arrest Warrants
        Arrests Are Stored Even On Leaving
        Warrants Are Kept On The Player Untill They Are Arrested
        Warranted Players Glow Red
        Warranted Players Can Be Arrested Or Killed For A Citizen Bounty
        False Warrants Equate To Warrant Blacklisting
    Create Warrant Function Library
    Supply Crates
        Every 1-3Hours
        Spawn At Random Location
        Gives A Listed Reward
            Vintage Weapon
            Special Armor
            Government Rankings
        Cannot Collect From Crate For Another 3 Days






I love it! Whenever there comes a server, I will definetly play it.

I hope to have a beta server up some time soon.
Thank you.

Looks Intersting

You’ve made some pretty good progress on this gamemode.

No problem Science.

In spite of the flak you get from others, I’ve been watching this intently.

Relationships , cool.

[h2]Test out the webservers system[/h2]

User: Test
Pass: test

Works great!

Why isn’t the password case sensitive? More secure that way

[editline]9th September 2011[/editline]

Also you can just navigate to to log in

Yes you can login from there cause it just redirects you back home.

Should still make the password case sensitive

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Also sessions

Anyone got a problem with them chat colours?

You either need the sqaure brackets the same colour or no brackets at all.

Timestamps are for logs and console not for chat boxes.

I think it would be great having your custom chatbox. Mostly a total edit. Like not having the base chatbox. And as Alkalisk said, I don’t think Timestamps should be there. (;

Ok, i may do the custom chatbox.

You can try to make a custom pause menu, like on Pokemon gamemode. I’m atempting to make such menu.

Make it so new entries are at the top not the bottom.

Would be nice seeing a picture of the custom chatbox, Science.