Shift+W problems

Ok, so, check this out. My brushes are not snapping to grid. I pressed Shift+W and made sure on the bottom right it went from “Snap: Off Grid” to “Snap: On Grid” but for some reason, every time I create a brush it doesn’t snap to grid. I even tried turn it off to see if that was the problem. I need help with figuring out what the solution for this is. If anyone would be so kind as to post their solution to my problem that would be super awesome, thank you!

If you load up a map while another one is still open, turn the grid down and than switch back it will say whatever gridsize you left this map with but in reality its the gridsize of the second map. try making the grid larger and see if that fixes it

Sadly, that didn’t fix it. My brushes are still not snapping to grid.

Update: It’s finally fixed! I don’t know how I fixed it but I did it!