Shiney phong lighting

Since the recent update that allowed GMod to mount L4D2, all of my phong shading is outrageously bright and it’s really making some models hard to use. Is anybody else getting this, and can it be helped?

Examples of things gone horribly shiny:
Bloo’s L4D2 Items/Guns
Nexus Elite’s Fallout 3 Ragdolls (Mask for Chinese Commando and pretty much everywhere on the US winter)
Various other things. Not everything, but it randomly effects some models.


SEARCH before you make a thread. This has got to be 10th thread about it

I didn’t have time to search because I was busy. So, how 'bout some HELP in the “HELP & SUPPORT” section, please? :expressionless:

Found the thread

Hm… None of my models have that bizarre ‘Black’ stuff over them, it’s just the random overboard shiny-ness, if that’s of any significance. Thank you for your help.

It’s not the same issue. I created the first thread about phong issues, but mine aren’t bright, they’re completely black.

I wish I could help, Blister101, but I’m still at loss with my own phong issues. Hopefully what we’re getting is related and will be fixed in a future update.
You can always try Master Chris’ fix.

Thanks man, appreciate it. Well, I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

It actually is the same issue, some see it as a black shadow some see it as a overly bright reflection. typing r_worldlights 0 into console or -r_worldlights 0 into launch options will solve the issue no matter if you see it as a black shadow or a bright reflection. But only look at this as a temporary fix until its been fixed by valve

I’ll give it a try. If it works, thank you.

Tried that, and it don’t work for me.

My old crappy computer had the black textures, and now my new laptop has the shiny white texture.

sigh Is there a real solution to fix this or am I out of luck?


there a fix its called “wait for valve to fix this shit”

There is one instance if this console command not working fully, In DOD:S everyone in the game is showing this issue, I type the command into console and it goes away, that it until you shine your flashlight on them and only that one person you shine your flashlight on in the game is effected until you stop pointing it at him, or turn the flashlight off.

so far in Gmod, TF2, HL2DM, it 100% solves it, DOD:S it solves it until you shine your flashlight on someone. but this effects no other source game or mod.

load up Gmod without typing this command into the console or without it being in launch options and spawn a NPC say like a vortigaunt, you should see this and type that console command while looking at him, it should turn him back into normal.

It will never get fixed by posting it into a forum, you have to create a valve support ticket to get them to realize its a game engine issue. It would be years if you let valve fix it when they see fit or it might never get fixed, as it is now they are seeing this issue as a hardware failure related issue and not a actual Game engine bug.

i know mate those bitches they dont give a shit about it

I’d tell Valve, “hardware failure my ass”. Can run Portal 2, Half-Life 2 and it’s episodes with no issues. I could go on and rant Valve’s ear off :p.

Actually that is what you should do, I am doing the same. The more that complain about this issue to valve the more that they will realize that its a game engine issue and not a hardware failure.

and the sole reason they are seeing it as a hardware failure is because people are not complaining to valve about it (aka you need start a valve support ticket), people are either using the console command and forgetting about it, Post about it on the forums which does not get valves attention, Or just do not know what to do.

They told me that they passed my MSinfo and applicable information on to the appropriate development team after weeks of going at them. But does that really mean anything ? are they really forwarding the issue to the dev team.

It isn’t a fault on their game, it is a fault in a third party mod caused by said mods creator. It is just a side affect of the L4D shader hacking Garry did if I remember his blog posts.

So then why does it directly effect DOD:S, TF2, HL2DM, Those are not mods created by Garry or any other mod creater. This issue effects those games as well not just Gmod. Its a Game engine issue.


How can it be a Game mod (Gmod) issue if the problem is in official Valve games ?

I’ve never seen it mentioned in those games outside this thread myself :v: But the last I remember of something like this was in GMod. If it is in other games it must be on certain hardware configurations as I am sure I’ve never seen it myself. look where it says Weird Phong Shading

reports for DOD:S

Quoting myself from some other thread;