Shinji and Asuka goes on a date.

A magic trick from lonefirewarrior.


It’s been almost two months that I haven’t done anything with gmod and I still have some ideas.

Fucking Shinji.

That must be one ginormous Terrorist.

Was Lonefirewarroir banned or something? I haven’t seen him post in ages.


That’s either a huge ass terrorist or some very tiny Evangelions.

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Hah, never mind, I hadn’t noticed the wings and halo. Good job.

you’ve really improved the eyecandy side of things in your poses

I don’t know what that means but thanks.

Here’s some ideas that I have but I don’t feel like doing it.

Titanfall: North Korea edition.
Another pony comic (I’m so sorry).
Another Evangelion poses but more serious.
AOT comic.

Could have sworn there’s more but whatever. Unless if I have my personal skin finished.

well i haven’t seen dynamic lights and good bloom in your pics very much

Who makes these things?