Shiny Bullets, Shiny Eyes, and Some Shit flying in the Air

Basically, i like how the lean imperial guard turned out posed

Oh and the combine’s like a radioactive ghoul on the inside; that’s why he’s shining like that. The imperial guard wants to suck out the ghoul’s radiation and put it in his bullets so that they continue to remain shiny? Make any sense? The shit that’s flying around is a form of radioactive debris, like a thinly sliced toast and some irish leaves i put in there too, and also i put some flying meatballs around the imperial guard.

That combine is fucked, he’s gonna have to pay the fine.

Mother of fuck this is cool, you’re cool, everything is cool. :buddy:

resist arrest

Stop right there Combine scum!

Imperial guard looks really cool!
Nice edit too

whatta’ kwinky dink, I was thinking about you today, and was wandering where you went

College keeps me very busy, i got a new comp so now gmod doesn’t crash that much and i definitely have plans to do something in gmod over this weekend, so expect another pic :3 probably like something funny

:woop: I will be around