Shiny Left 4 Dead zombies in GMod.

Hi all. I extracted the Left 4 Dead content for use in GMod. I own the original game, I ran the batch file after extracting it. Have worked fine before, but now the zombies are all shiny. Any ideas?

you’re complaining?

One does not complain in the Help & Support Forum. One ask for help. That is what it’s for.

Just in case warning, you should have L4D before you try to port things over.

Anywho, the only thing I can think off the top of my head is that garrysmod wasn’t really compatible for L4D in the first place, surely a material error or some such is occurring.

I bought Left 4 Dead om Steam. And it has worked before. Suddenly the zombies are metal shiny. But only them. Not the special infected, the survivor models or any of the props.

It’s the phong. There is tutorial to fix it somewhere… There. :smile: Or download ragdolls from

Thanks. I give it a try. Can’t seem to find the female L4D zombies on That’s what I need for the love/friend theme competition.