Shiny objects problem

Im making a Gmod map its going to be a big city in Team fortress style (so good for comics :P)

But im having a problem with Shiny objects its all black and purple checkerd (even the weapons like knive when i play on my map)

Cant post pictures becouse there saved in tga somehow? :S and i ahve win7 so printscreen doesnt work in games (i liked to show the map :frowning: its pretty awesome)

Make an cubemap and then run “buildcubemaps”

Before you do that, open the console and type “mat_specular 0”.

Then do buildcubemaps.

Then type in “mat_specular 1”

How to make cubemaps?

It’s an entity. Env_cubemap. Place those in the middle of every room/area/whatever, 64 units from the floor.

When i try building cubmaps ingame it gives an error with the skybox :S wtf

using tf2 skyboxes btw

I run Windows 7 and Printscreen works in games?



What kind of error?

Type in console
bind f5 jpg

Cant find skybox texture or smtng :S but skybox is working