Shiny Textures Bug

Hello, I’m making something for some screenshots on the map rp_c18_v1 and some models keep going, shiny.
Here’s a video:

Watch in 720p

As shown in the video, if I shine my flash light on the props their shininess goes away.
I’ve tried restarting GMod (And loading the saved game) but that doesn’t work, and that seems to be the way most people fix this issue.

Any help would be appreciated.

Type mat_specular 1 into the command console.

I tried that, didn’t work, but when I set it to 0 it fixed it. Not sure if that’s what you meant to say or not.

Oh…My mistake.

I tend to get mixed up with the mat_specular command. :v:

But it’s good that it’s fixed now.

Haha, thanks.