Ship builder

So I had an idea a while back… would it be possible to make it so turrets and engines can be controlled from a cockpit if they are attached via weld or nails?

For example, the mod would have several things you can spawn, among them a cockpit for you to sit in and turrets and engines and stuff. When you connect a turret to the cockpit, you can then control the turret from inside that cockpit. We may have to think of a new way to attach it though instead of just using weld or something.

I realize that this is probably not an easy thing to do, but if it we could do it people could literally build their own flyable spaceships in mere minutes. I see many awesome gamemodes coming from this. =D

Look for the spacebuild model pack. Some of it does just that. :smile:

Doesnt wire let us do this?
But with adv pods