Ship Cores for Space build

Hi, I was playing on a Space build Server today and i noticed they had an add on called Ship Cores, and it allowed you to add a Core to you’re ship By clicking on you;re ship, then everything welded to it, or constrained to it would add Shield, Armor, And Hull strength to you’re structure for space battles. The core selections are Amarr, Caldari, Gallente, Minmatar.
The races of Eve Online some of you may have noticed. I have searched furiously on both, and Face Punch for this Addon/SVN but to no avail.

For anyone who wants to see the addon for themselves here is the Server IP, its running Space Build 2


I have checked out the Addon list in the MOTD, but there wasn’t a FULL list of EVERY addon they use. I downloaded the SVNs for all the addons they listed and i got some new things but still no Ship Cores in my Tools list.

If anyone has this addon Please send me a link, or tell me how i can get it.

Thanks a bunch.

part of space build 2. and the small bridge model pack. its in the tools tab and its under sbm weapons or something like that. for just the core. unless its a different 1. but yeah i think thats the 1 your talking about.

No it’s not. And i found it. It’s a private addon. Got it from a friend. Thanks anyways.

/CLOSE please.

What is it?

Answer your question?

Can we have a download for it? It sounds nice, and it’s kind of a waste to have only a few people using it.


So I doubt it will be released.

It’s only for a few servers.

It is nice. But if everyone had it why would they join our servers? they could just make their own or play single player. If people want our mod (im not taking any credit for making it because i didn’t) they should join our server :slight_smile:

reading this makes me wanna come to ure server and see :smiley:

(Yes I know it’s kind of a bump :/)

FUCKING UNFAIR. I’m sick of people hoarding all of the good addons “because it makes their server unique.” Just give us the damn thing!

Get used to it. It’s annoying, but that’s how it is. You could also wait for CDS 3. It’s really funny that they think people wouldn’t come to their server if they pub released, though.

Go on the server, download the addon, then copy/pasta it from whatever folder temporary files are stored in.

Couldn’t find the server. :o

Is CDS 3 going to have a similar system? I use Gcombat08…

Yes, it will. But better, tbh.

The server has been moved.

Grr. New IP, anyone?

and where would that be? in the garrysmod folder or elsewhere, if it is elsewhere… i cant find the temporary files folder :confused: ive gone to the directory it shud be in, but its no there! if you know how to find it please give the help!

i havent heard of CDS what exactly does that stand for

ffs im tryng to play in a good server but im seein errors ffs i need the spacebild weapons addon where the f to get it

well that’s the point… i only want it for the super cache though, could you at least separate the super cache from it and message me a download link?

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