Shipment Glitch in Dark RP

okay since nobody replied to the previous thread i made this one. on my server it wont let you buy shipments, it just makes you say /buyshipment [weapon name] and takes your money. please help

When no one replies, it usually means no one cares. Just get a different version if yours sucks ass.

Roleplay is terribad.

its the newest version… and HyperTails, dont troll, thats just a waist of cyberspace

I agree hes trolling, but Roleplay is “terribad”.

The Solution, get a real Gamemode. DarkRP is an overused Gamemode anyway.

I agree with your agreement that he is trolling, and I agree that roleplay is “terribad”, but nobody asked for advice on what gamemode to play, so this is just thread derailment.

OP, if you post more info about where you got your version of DarkRP, or if you upload your entire gamemode folder somewhere, then maybe someone can help.


Wow. It doesn’t work that way here.