I’m having a problem when I buy Shipments, they don’t take my money

DarkRP.createShipment("Iron Mace", {
   model = "models/morrowind/iron/mace/w_iron_mace.mdl",
   entity = "weapon_mor_iron_mace",
   price = 5000,
   amount = 10,
   separate = false,
   pricesep = 500,
   allowed = {TEAM_PEASANT},

Weird… Delete the comma after the allowed team, and post your TEAM_PEASENT code pls.

in lua you can have a comma after the last item in a table

I just never leave it because I am OCD :ohno:

The job setup wouldn’t change it either though?

TEAM_PEASANT = DarkRP.createJob("Peasant", {
	color = Color(20, 150, 20, 255),
	model = {
	description = [[You are the lowest on the social hierarchy, you need to find some work to make a living.]],
	weapons = {""},
	command = "peasant",
	max = 0,
	salary = GAMEMODE.Config.normalsalary,
	admin = 0,
	vote = false,
	hasLicense = false,
	candemote = false,
	category = "Citizens",
	sortOrder = 1,
	level = 1

On topic, my guess is that the error is elsewhere, does your server console error when you try to buy a shipment?

Thing is it’s a fresh installed DarkRP and DarkRP Modification

Bumping this up ^.^

Do any other entities take money when purchased? Or do they all not take anything?

Anything under the Entities take money, so If I make these separate they go under the entities tab and they do take money but anyone can buy them.

Shipments appear under Shipments but they say Cost X amount, but they don’t take any money.

This meaning all shipments?

Yeah I had around 8 other shipments, same exact code just different model etc

There’s nothing wrong with the shipment code… Maybe do a restart of DarkRP? Because you could’ve somehow messed with the core files…

The only thing wrong with the Core files that I’ve changed is the Darkrp.txt to Kingdomrp and inside the init and other spot where it says that too

Added Screenshots to OP

Welp this is unsolvable, ggwp

Nothing is wrong with the code you’ve given us, so it must be your DarkRP installation

Do you know if changing the darkrp.txt to kingdomrp.txt and the init and cl_init to that too